7th International Conference on Microbial Diversity

Agrifood microbiota as a tool for a sustainable future

September 26-29, 2023 – Parma, Italy

Paganini Congressi


Daniele Daffonchio

KAUST, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Division of Biological Environmental Science and Engineering, Red Sea Research Center, 23955-6900 Thuwal, Saudi Arabia


Professor Daniele Daffonchio is full professor of Bioscience at KAUST, Research interests are on the microbial ecology and biotechnology of complex ecosystems in conventional and extreme aquatic and terrestrial habitats and of symbiotic systems. The actual research is dealing with the study of microbial communities in the deep hypersaline anoxic basins of the Red Sea and the exploration and exploitation of extremophile microorganisms and microbial communities along the water stress continuity from the Arabian Desert to the depths of the Red Sea.